An analysis of themes in enders game a novel by orson scott card

All of the other important ideas in the novel are interpreted through the context of the games. Ender wins all of the games, but it is not so clear what that means. He thinks for a large part of the book that the games are no more than they appear, and he does not realize the real meaning of his final game until it is far too late. The difference between what is a game and what is reality becomes less and less clear as the story unfolds.

An analysis of themes in enders game a novel by orson scott card

At the same time, it explores many themes well suited to classroom discussion. It is instead a plot-driven novel, focusing on story and characterization.

At the same time, however, Orson Scott Card has woven many different themes and motifs through the novel, never preaching but instead asking us to think carefully about the choices made by various characters. It is impossible to discuss every theme in the novel in one article.

Instead, this article describes and discusses some of the most central concepts, those the story returns to again and again. Instead, there is a sharp distinction drawn between children and adults, who are often set at odds.

Adults attempt to manipulate and control children, who they often see as tools they can use to win their own battles. Children, or at least the smart ones, mistrust adults and often see them as the enemy, and are portrayed in many ways as more intelligent and compassionate.

Children are also shown having a very real impact on the world: At the same time, there are adults in the novel who are compassionate and intelligent such as Graff and children who are brutal and manipulative Stilson, Bonzo, Peterand each group has strong influences on the other.

Though many children in the novel, especially Ender, have a tendency to see adults as the enemy, in the end it seems Card is telling us there are really very few differences between children and adults.

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Children are smaller, but are just as intelligent in their own ways and must be taken seriously because of the influence they can have on the world. In Battle School life revolves around two games: There are also video games of various types in Battle School. When Ender reaches Command School his life is again oriented around a game, this time a space battle simulation that is more real than Ender knows.

Every game in the novel has real-world ramifications, testing and revealing things about its players psychologically, physically, and socially.

An analysis of themes in enders game a novel by orson scott card

Games are used as a way to work through and prepare for real-world problems, and are taken just as seriously as reality. And it is just as difficult to tell who your friends are in this world.

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Ender makes several friends throughout his stay in Battle School, but is never really sure who he can trust and is always alienated from those he wishes to be closest to especially Valentine.

At first, they are set up as polar opposites, with Valentine as all good and Peter as all bad. What Card appears to be telling us here is simply that such distinctions are not easily made.

Though in many stories good is clearly different from evil, in the real world this is not always the case. In the end, he realizes that he is both his greatest friend and his worst enemy. Card asks us if the ends justify the means: Ender at times commits violent acts, killing a fellow child at least twice.

He feels guilt over his actions, but because they were done in self defense he eventually decides they were necessary.

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He is never fully at peace with himself, though, and must deal with the consequences of what he has done. Ender faces the same dilemma again with the Buggers. If an alien race is possibly trying to destroy your world, is it justified to destroy them first? In many ways the adults who created Battle School have made this decision for Ender, believing that as long as humanity survives anything they do is all right.Ender’s Game Questions and Answers.

The Question and Answer section for Ender’s Game is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Expert Answers I'll try to list as many as I can. Ender's conflict with Bonzo.

Get an answer for 'List the conflicts in Ender's Game.' and find homework help for other Ender's Game questions at eNotes. Ender's Game is the book that put Orson Scott Card on the map, and it remains his most famous work ever, with its sequel Speaker for the Dead a close second.

It was first published in In the not-too-distant future, mankind has barely survived two invasions by an insectoid alien race, formally known as Formics, but called Buggers by most of the viewpoint characters. Orson Scott Card Biography Ender’s Game Questions and Answers The Question and Answer section for Ender’s Game is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

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This is a list of computers that have appeared in notable works of work may be about the computer, or the computer may be an important element of the story. Ender's Game is a novel by Orson Scott Card that is both plot-driven and well suited for classroom discussion.

There are many important themes in Ender's Game, themes and motifs that touch on crucial real-world issues.

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