Are celebrities good role models discursive essay

The year-old Manchester City forward splits opinions with his erratic behaviour, from setting off fireworks in his own house, to continuing to indulge in cigarettes even now as a professional footballer.

Are celebrities good role models discursive essay

Icon Trail Blazer If you decide to use my answer I suggest you read it a few times to know and understand what's in the essay A catchy title for your essay could be: The term role model was introduced by Robert K.

Someone we can count on during our time of needs. That person will lead by example. We often get mesmerized by the glittery outlook of celebrities and like to idolize them. Unfortunately most of them fall short of being a true icon when we look at their personal life out of the red carpet.

These people are no different than any of us and in some cases worse than most of us. A lot of them fail to stand up to their good name and handle fame. To find a real Paradigm in a person, we must look beyond the outlook. Is that person honest and of good moral character?

Is that person trust worthy and goes the extra mile helping others? Does that person show humility?

Are celebrities good role models discursive essay

Overcoming our urge to do the wrong thing can be a struggle as it is one of our greatest weaknesses as human beings. However, there is a few that shows tremendous self-control. These are also people that show integrity and steadfastness. These days we are too concerned to be politically correct.

We forget that politics and morality or ethics may not coincide.

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We tend to overlook ethics as the definition of morality is being redefined by some. America was built by such people, the ones with character, integrity and commitment. While most humans will fail to qualify for the position in one way or another, there is one we can rely on being our role model without question and it is Jesus.

While He is referenced as the son of God by Christians, people around the world, regardless of religious reservations, agree that He was also a man — a perfect man that can be a true icon for all of us. By the way, my answer is not about your role model, it IS about the general topic.

It talks about origin of the term itself and the characters of a role model. In conclusion I have an example of a perfect role model. I am not telling you who YOUR mentor should be.Celebrity Role Models When an actor or sports personality becomes a celebrity, their life is no longer their own.

Are celebrities good role models discursive essay

Every part of their life, what they are proud of and what they are not proud of, then belongs to the public. Are today's superstars really role models for today's youth?

I think they are! So many people in the entertainment business set great examples for our youth to strive for the best and most out of life. Celebrities have a moral responsibility to be good role models for the society, would you agree? First of all by using the dictionary the main definitions can be broken down; the definition for a celebrity is ‘a famous or well known person’.

Everywhere you go, celebrities are being advertised. When your son or daughter hears a new singer or sees a new actor on their favourite t.v show, they want to . When I hear it a string of actors, musicians, athletes and, celebrities Over the years, the concept of a essay on role model has changed from fictional “heroes” seen in movies, comics, and stories to average people that make an exceptional impact on someone’s life.

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