Best pen writing app for android

SomNote — Beautiful note app Price: The folder feature is great, as is the way that you can arrange the folders in the order you want. Very beautifully designed private journal app that offers high-speed access.

Best pen writing app for android

September 27, 5: In the past, you had to keep a diary with you or deal with sticky notes all over the refrigerator, but now you can simply type all the notes in your smartphone and easily keep a check on them.

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Although most smartphones come with a basic note app, usually its features are not enough to fulfil all your note taking needs. If you are one of those wise people who know the importance of taking notes, you should definitely check out some Android note taking apps that will help you organize your important notes.

ColorNote A popular free Android note taking app that is simple yet functional. As the name suggests, ColorNote lets you color-code your notes to identify each note quickly. This makes it extremely easy to organize your notes and access the one you might have tucked between hundreds of other notes.

For example, you can color your work notes blue and your chore notes green, so that accessing the required notes will simply take a glance.

Apart from the colored notes, it also has some reliable advanced features that you will surely love. You can create both long text notes or checklists to remember everything, and the ColorNote widget makes it a snap to access and edit important notes. Other notable features of ColorNote include note reminders, password protection, online backup and sync, auto save, quick search bar, share notes, take notes on calendar, multiple view modes, archive notes and more.

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OneNote OneNote is a powerful note taking app offered by Microsoft that is feature rich and completely free.

OneNote offers multiple ways to take notes, including text notes, audio notes, video notes, handwritten, draw notes, clip sections from web pages and ability to use built-in OCR technology to extract data from images. It organizes notes in a notebook like interface with the ability to place notes anywhere you like.

On top of that, it comes with attractive themes to differentiate notes from each other and its powerful search features make it further easy to quickly access the note you need. OneNote comes with powerful collaboration tools that allow you to share notes with other people and edit them in real-time and also use tags and comments to make collaboration easy.

Furthermore, it lets you add a widget on the home screen to quickly write down notes right from the home screen and access important notes. OneNote integrates with Microsoft OneDrive to save and sync data across all your devices and enable you to access the data from anywhere.

Google Keep Google Keep is a note taking app offered by Google that is loved by many users for its simple yet impactful working. Keep offers multiple ways to create notes, including text notes, to-dos, photos, drawings and even dictate notes that will be transcribed to text.

To make the most out of Keep, you can check out our article on some cool Google Keep tips. However, Evernote has recently limited its free account to only two devices and increased the price for its paid subscriptions.

If you are still ready to give Evernote a try, there are dozens of reasons why Evernote is far better than any other note taking app. Apart from things most Android note taking apps can do, it lets you take notes as photos, audio, video, sketches, clipping web page sections, PDFs, speech to text and more.

Simplenote If the above note taking apps are a bit too much and you are looking for something simpler, give Simplenote a try. True to its name, Simplenote is a very light note taking app with a clean and simple interface to quickly jot down notes.

It syncs all your data over all your devices and makes it accessible from anywhere, and you can use tags and pins to organize your notes.

You can quickly take notes using the widget and edit them as well, it also has go-back-in-time feature that allows you to see all the edits and restore them easily. Furthermore, it also has some basic collaboration features that you can use to share and edits notes with friends. Overall, Simplenote is perfect for people who prefer a light on resources note taking app, with a clean interface.

LectureNotes We all know how important notes are in the academic field and LectureNotes is specifically created for students and teacher alike.

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This is not your usual note taking app, as it focuses on handwritten notes preferably using a stylus pen. You should use this app if you have a device like the Galaxy Note or Nexus 10 that comes with a bigger screen and a pen, although you can also write down notes with your finger not the best implementation though.

You can quickly draw things, add symbols, take shorter notes without opening separate notes and much more.

best pen writing app for android

LectureNotes is a paid app, but it comes with a free trial version that is limited to only 2 books with 8 pages each. Omni Notes An open-source note taking app that is simple and offers all the required features for taking notes.Scripts is a language-learning app focused specifically on learning to write and read in Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

These languages are among the trickiest to learn as each one has a unique. We think people who need to run Android apps should wait for the upcoming crop of Chrome OS tablets, but if you must have an Android tablet right now, the Huawei MediaPad M5 has a bright, sharp inch display with even higher resolution (×) than the inch iPad (×).

The tablet’s powerful eight-core processor and 4 GB of RAM can handle any app or game you throw at it.

best pen writing app for android

"Input and output is too hard." That's one reason pen and paper remain so popular. And Siri and Cortana and Android Widgets are closing the gap even further.

creator of a new app called. The best cross-platform writing apps for Mac and iOS Microsoft Word on iOS might actually be better than the Windows Phone app.

Best for writers who spent all of their money on new Apple stuff. 10+ Best Handwriting Recognition Software Download Reviews. WritePad Pro is a word processing app with handwriting recognition engine embedded in it, allowing you to recognize your handwriting as you type on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

allowing you to write your note as if you are writing it on a paper. Using a digital pen. Jan 04,  · Save anything that crosses your mind and store all useful information with the best free Android note taking app.

With Squid, you can write just like you would on paper using an active pen, passive stylus, or your finger. draw or make notes with your finger on a phone or tablet. Moreover, it is possible to undo the writing or.

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