Charminar hyderabad essay

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Charminar hyderabad essay

History[ edit ] Charminar during repair works - August The fifth ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynastyMuhammad Quli Qutb Shahbuilt the Charminar in after shifting his capital from Golkonda to the newly formed city of Hyderabad. However, it is widely accepted that Charminar was built at the center of the city, to commemorate the eradication of Cholera", a deadly disease which was wide spread at that time.

The event was celebrated far and wide in the Islamic worldthus Qutb Shah founded the city of Hyderabad to celebrate the event and commemorate it with the construction of this building. Towards the north of Charminar is the Char Kamanor four gateways, constructed in the cardinal direction.

The structure itself was intended to serve as a Mosque and Madarsa. It is of Indo-Islamic architecture style, incorporating Persian architectural elements.

Charminar hyderabad essay

Historian Masud Hussain Khan says that the construction of Charminar was completed in the yearand that it is the city of Hyderabad which was actually founded in the year Though the story was rejected by the historians and scholars, it became popular folklore among the locals.

While laying the foundation of Charminar, he performed the prayers in Dakhini couplets, which are recorded as follows: At each corner stands an exquisitely shaped minaret, 56 meters approximately feet high, with a double balcony. Each minaret is crowned by a bulbous dome with dainty petal-like designs at the base.

There are winding steps to reach the upper floor. The structure is also known for its profusion of stucco decorations and the arrangement of its balustrades and balconies. There is also a legend of an underground tunnel connecting the Golconda fort to Charminar, possibly intended as an escape route for the Qutb Shahi rulers in case of a siege, though the location of the tunnel is unknown.

The actual mosque occupies the top floor of the four-storey structure. A vault which appears from inside like a dome supports two galleries within the Charminar, one over another, and above those a terrace that serves as a roof, bordered with a stone balcony.

The main gallery has 45 covered prayer spaces with a large open space in front to accommodate more people for Friday prayers. The clock on the four cardinal directions was added in There is a vazu water cistern in the middle, with a small fountain for ablution before offering prayer in the Charminar mosque.

It falls under the Charminar constituency. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the 5th ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, commissioned bricks to be made from the soil brought from Meccathe holiest site of Islamand used them in the construction of the central arch of the mosque, hence its name.

Lad Bazaar Char Kaman seen from the top of the Charminar. A market exists around Charminar. Lad Bazaar is known for its jewelry, especially bangles, and the Pathar Gattiwhich is known for its pearls. In its heyday, the Charminar market had some 14, shops.

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Char Kaman and Gulzar Houz[ edit ] Main articles: These were built along with the Charminar in the 16th century. At the center of these arches is a fountain called the Gulzar Houz.

The Char Kaman are in dire need of restoration, and protection from enroachments.Mar 21,  · The city of Hyderabad is often identified with the majestic Charminar. Its enormous size and majestic splendor attracts a number of visitors. Short Essay on 'Char Minar' (80 Words)Author: All Essay.

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Charminar Hyderabad - History, Architecture, Facts, Visit Timing & Entry Fee Although Turkey offers many famous markets known as "bazaars" in English, the Turkish word "pazar" refers to an outdoor market held at regular intervals, not a permanent structure containing shops. The Arabic term, souk souq or suk is a synonym for bazaar in Arab-speaking countries.
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An example of Islamic architecture, Charminar is a beautiful monument in Hyderabad, India. Let’s have a look at its history, architecture, entry fee and visit timing etc.

"Charminar Hyderabad Essay" Essays and Research Papers Charminar Hyderabad Essay The following is a list of tourist attractions in Hyderabad: • Ananda Buddha Vihara - It is a Buddhist tourist destination.

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Charminar: Charminar, (Urdu: “Four Minarets”) historic monument located at the heart of Hyderabad, west-central Telangana state, south-central India. The city, which is the capital of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states, was also the capital of the historic princely state of Hyderabad.

The monument was. Indian History is fall of rise of many kingdoms.

Charminar hyderabad essay

Monuments, built by different kings, throw light on the past history of India. Related Articles: Essay on an Historical Place.

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