Concurrences writing awards list

Around half of them are private practice practitioners, the other half being counsels, enforcers and academics. One third of these are located in North America, two thirds abroad.

Concurrences writing awards list

April 11, 2018

As in-house counsel and member of the Business Steering Committee I truly value the useful insights and guidance offered by the articles I had the honor and pleasure to evaluate. The focus on both scholars and practitioners from all over the world realizes economies of both scope and concurrences writing awards list when addressing antitrust concerns.


The Antitrust Writing Awards showcase the very best in antitrust writing over the past year, and participating in this process helps keep me updated on developing enforcement trends in the fast-pace and ever expanding world of antitrust and competition law.

They accompany and consecrate the rising prominence and impact of competition law on the global economy. This initiative will, I hope, increase the quality and depth of such writing to provide the practical complement to academic articles.

It was great to connect with old colleagues and make new acquaintances, especially across the ocean. Awards and rankings drive innovation at agency level, because they make achievements in the area of antitrust enforcement transparent. The Antitrust Writing Awards have reached international recognition and reach a wide audience of business, academia and agencies allowing for a fruitful contest of ideas, initiatives and best practices.

With first-rate organization and planning by the Concurrences team and GWU Law School, this premier event brings practitioners, academics and senior agency officials together in a lively social setting. The dinner and awards ceremony have become an essential part of the competition community calendar.

It is extremely important not only to reflect on the constant development in an area but also to push the boundaries and to question conventional wisdom if we must. Our empirical study showed that there is a concern that the activity, which is designed to raise safety concerns, has been used by brand drug companies to delay generic entry.

It is a true honor to receive such an award, which will hopefully raise awareness of this conduct. And I am grateful to Concurrences and GW for their creation of these awards and all of the work they do every year to run the competition and host a delightful dinner. In highlighting scholarship that is particularly deserving of attention, Concurrences and GW provide a real service to the antitrust community.

Thank you to the Antitrust Writing Awards for increasing knowledge and promoting a shared understanding of the best, most forward-thinking and innovative practices within the antitrust community. The purpose of the Regulations is to allow businesses that have breached competition law to voluntarily offer compensation quickly to businesses and consumers, and at lower cost than through court proceedings.

We really appreciate the role of the Antitrust Writing Awards in recognising this work. I was very pleased and surprised that my article on global antitrust compliance was selected in the Cross Border business category. In this particularly challenging and ever changing area, we all have much to learn as we seek to understand and comply with the competition laws of other countries entering the global arena.

This not only rewards the authors, but also is very helpful for practitioners, because it highlights the most interesting and influential papers from an increasing flood of publications that is more and more difficult to follow. To have our work not only recognized, but recognized by board members whose work we respect so much and by institutions with so much credibility, is a rare and delightful treat.

The concept of encouraging excellence in both academic and more practical writings on competition is an excellent one, and Concurrences has done a remarkable job in creating a process for doing so. Academics and practitioners making valuable contributions to the literature see their names recognised and their work publicized.

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On a personal front, I have enjoyed reading some of the papers that were selected this year, most of which I would have overlooked absent this initiative. It was a pleasure to see these outstanding authors from all over the world and to hear a synthesis of their work which has contributed so much to the law and it's practice.

By collecting the best writing in the field of practitioners and academics, the Awards create a one-stop shop that saves tremendous amounts of time and keeps readers fully cognizant of the best new work The Antitrust Writing Awards uniquely embrace and celebrate that scope for the benefit of all workers in the field.

They have helped to spread competition law insights and knowledge throughout the world. These awards have surely made antitrust academics and practitioners more alert to the value of writing well, with attention not only to substantive analysis but also to clarity and economy of presentation.

concurrences writing awards list

Our field is blessed with an erudite academy and an intellectually sophisticated bar; the Concurrences Awards bring out the best in both. Academics and practitioners making valuable contributions to the literature see their names recognised and their work publicized Competition policy, law and enforcement worldwide is greatly enriched by the quality of the research that was evidenced in the papers reviewed for the AwardsNov 20,  · The Antitrust Writing Awards (AWAs) are a joint initiative between Concurrences Review and the George Washington University Law School.

Nominations for the AWAs are now open. For the 6th consecutive year, Concurrences Review has brought together an impressive jury panel consisting of antitrust enforcers, professors, and in-house counsels to select the Best Articles and Best.

Antitrust Writing Awards - Jury The Awards Jury comprises the Board, the Academic and Business Steering Committees, the Editorial Committee and the Readers.

Each of these contribute to the Awards selection process.

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Analysis Group Authors Nominated for Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards January 12, Three papers authored by Analysis Group consultants have been nominated for the Antitrust Writing Awards, a joint initiative between Concurrences Review .

Concurrences PhD Awards Rafael Amaro, "Le contentieux privé des pratiques anticoncurrentielles. Etude des contentieux complémentaire et autonome devant les juridictions judiciaires", University Paris V-René Descartes. This short list has been communicated to the Board, with the articles nominated by the Steering Committees.

The Antitrust Writing Awards' Board members will choose one article from among the finalists in each of 10 categories and will announce the winners at a gala awards ceremony on April 10, See the list of finalists in all categories. «The Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards Initiative fosters dialogue, debate and learning in the competition community worldwide. Introducing the Most Innovative Soft Laws Category contributes to the exchange of best practices and the increasing convergence between jurisdictions. The vintage was a moment of stimulating conversation of. AWARDS GALA DINNER. The Antitrust Writing Awards results were made public at the Gala Dinner on April 10, - the day before the ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting - in Washington DC. ORGANIZERS. Concurrences Review and George Washington University Law School Competition Law Center, are organizing the Antitrust Writing Awards with the support of partners.

The Board will decide on the award-winning articles on March 27, at the Awards ceremony to take place in DC. From Concurrences: “The Antitrust Writing Awards’ goal is to promote antitrust scholarship and competition advocacy by recognizing and awarding the best articles published in the antitrust law and law & economics fields in the last 12 months.

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