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Disco supermercado

Politically Cory Bernardi is a bit of a kent, but I suspect he actually holds the sort of high respect for gimmickery that I admire in a person. Which is where his rival Hottest countdown comes in. There's no better - and more shameless - gimmick than doing something specifically designed to annoy people, then sitting back and watching carnage unfold.

The suggested playlist he uploaded to Spotify was given the boot so quickly that I can't even find the full list to pass judgement Disco supermercado it.

I can only assume no real thought went into it, and he just added any Australian track he could find to make a point. This led to the bloke out of Savage Garden threatening to get 'the publishers' in, as if putting your track on Spotify isn't an open invitation for anyone to put Disco supermercado on a playlist.

The irony of the 'businesses should be able to discriminate' crowd being discriminated against wasn't lost, but it's a bit harsh on the people who are looking for a spot of light entertainment as they shelter in place at the prospect of same-sex marriage ripping society to bits.

Maybe Triple M will do that for their Australia Day countdown, the one that's made people upset because they're shelving their usual January 26 playlist of political lectures and self-immolation.


Instead of deleting the top songs of political party leaders, the process should be encouraged. In fact it should form part of the election campaign, lose one debate and instead have all the big hitters come on and justify their list.

Which is 46 places lower than it got to on the actual Australian singles chart you sick freaks. Bill Shorten comes across the sort of guy who'd have picked The Theme From Burke's Backyard before recent revelations.

Play it on whatever day of the year you like. House rules Nobody ever reads the rules, but let's be quite clear - this is my personal and should not be confused with sales, critical acclaim or your own favourites.

If you don't like it do a Cory and organise your own damn countdown For the sake of variety, a maximum of five songs are allowed from the same artist.

It's ok if they appear under different bands, or as solo artists. Spoiler - Savage Garden will not be calling to complain, and if you've come looking for Horses close the page and go boil yourself in oil For those of you keen on diagnosing problematic scenarios, you'll notice this collection is stacked with male artists.

Disco supermercado

Direct your complaints about toxic masculinity to PO Box in your capital city and I'll send you several pieces of A4 paper single sided only because my printer is shit containing my top songs by women of all nationalities.

Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls - Dumb Things These days if you turned up with an all-white male backing band called the Coloured Girls you'd be in significant trouble. Also recommended, the bit where he howls the word "howling". It's the simple things.

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If you're into that sort of thing there's also a Yahoo Serious-free version of the video which appears to be done for the US market and should have been strangled at birth.

It must have worked, the song charted higher on the Billboard Modern Rock chart than it did in Australia. But even taking the cultural impact off the table you can't fight nature, this is just good clean pop fun.

And that's the last you'll be hearing of Jet for the next 98 entries. Divinyls - Sleeping Beauty Public perception suggests every Divinyls track featured Chrissie Amphlett screaming her head off with her knickers on show.Website Title: Supermercado Disco: Website Description: El servicio de Disco para hacer tus compras por internet o por teléfono.

Encontrá online el mismo precio, calidad y variedad que en el local. Shopping in Argentina: Supermarkets & Grocery Stores. Disco, Jumbo and French mega-chain Carrefour. These are the big strip-light, no-window places, where you’ll find cosmetics and home goods alongside your groceries.

The fruit and vegetable sections tend to be fresher than small neighborhood supermarkets, but may not match your local. Supermercados Disco Del Uruguay Sa is a buyer in Uruguay that buys products from Negocios Industriales Real Nirsa Sa.

Transportation Type Maritimo. . Supermercados DISCO is on Facebook. To connect with Supermercados DISCO, join Facebook today.


SUPERMERCADOS DISCO DEL URUGUAY S.A. is a company registered in Uruguay. vetconnexx.com brings you a complete range of reports and documents featuring legal and financial data, facts, analysis and official information from Uruguayan Registry.

Disco Supermercado. Topics: Brazil, es decir sin considerar en funcionamiento el supermercado “Unimarc”, que fue quemado y cuya fecha de reapertura es incierta y sin considerar al futuro supermercado “Jumbo” que se construirá en el centro de Concepción. Disco Supermercado Disco requires development of a marketing strategy to determine the next step when considering growth of the Disco supermarket chain. Consequently a decision needs to be made as to whether to reinforce existing operations in Argentina and Uruguay where the company already has an established foothold. Grupo DISCO afianza su posición en el mercado de la refrigeración industrial de amoniaco. >Keep reading. Promotions Get to know the latest product offers. >Enter. Technical Documents See or download all kind of useful documentation for your daily work. >See. Grupo Disco.

Advanced Management. Disco ICT Management is a versatile tool used by system administrators and support staff to manage equipment rollouts and the day to day running of their network environment.

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