Essay differece between theology and religious studies

Traditionally metaphysics sets the questions for philosophy. Epistemology asks how do we know?

Essay differece between theology and religious studies

One of the primary faith confessions of both Christianity and Judaism is that God has chosen to reveal Himself in extraordinary ways in human history, yet in the ordinary events and circumstances in which human beings live and work. Those extraordinary encounters with God within ordinary human history are the heart of the Biblical witness to God.

Essay differece between theology and religious studies

This has led some to describe Scripture as "The Story of God. This simply suggests that in interpreting the Bible, especially narrative material, we should take seriously this dimension of story as it is recounted in the form of literature.

Several principles and guidelines, both positive and negative, will help us focus on Scripture as a narrative about God. Some of the same observations and principles of interpretation apply to other biblical material, such as prophetic collections.

Essay differece between theology and religious studies

General Principles to Keep in Mind: The function of narrative is not to describe but to call forth a response from its hearers. They are the vehicle by which to communicate a larger truth to be understood in the story.

These must be considered in relation and interaction with the characters and plot. This plot will be directly related to the point message of the story. This suggests that Biblical narratives do not tell us everything about an event; they are selective and focused on those elements that contribute to the plot, and cannot be made to address every question we might want to ask of the story.

The location of a particular story within a larger collection of stories or book literary context provides an additional setting for hearing the story. While the story itself may be studied on its own for its own message, the surrounding stories, the flow of thought of the larger work, as well as its historical and cultural setting affect how the individual story is to be heard.

How does it involve US in the story? The characters most often represent US in some way, nor directly, but as participants in human experience. Likewise, we need to ask how the story addresses those human dimensions from the perspective of relationship with God.

In other words, we need to keep in mind in our response to the story that all biblical narratives are finally theology.

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Basic Guidelines and Cautions: This suggests that we should be cautious about making Scripture directly address modern political, social, historical, or scientific issues. Often, the "teaching" is indirect and interactive, calling for us to decide what is the point or message, and whether the characters in the story acted appropriately.

Since the narratives reflect real life, the characters are not always heroes.This essay deals with some of the differences between the historical critical and the historical grammatical methods of interpretation.

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