Impact of the four day workweek essay

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Impact of the four day workweek essay

The reasons for this change, as well as the perceived effects on children, teachers and the overall quality of education, are being debated. What is a four-day school week?

Impact of the four day workweek essay

A four day school week is exactly what it sounds like — a system in which children attend school for four instead of five days per week. The specific day they may not attend varies. In exchange for the decrease in actual days, the length of the school days may be lengthened.

What are the pros of the four-day week? When it comes to talking about the advantages of this system, the one that is mentioned first is savings.

According to research, a school board will save money on operating costs.

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According to some statistics, school boards can see decreases in: The reduction in school bus use and therefore, the amount of money paid to the drivers, Utilities: There is an expected decrease in the cost of energy Overtime Payment: Decreased money paid out for support employees, particularly substitutes According to Education North West, savings in these area may vary substantially depending on the location of the school district and other things.

One other area that is debated is the impact the change in the length of the school day will have on children. Some schools believe it will result in an increase in academic performance, and some studies indicate that this is an area that does show improvement.

Moreover, a four-day school week results in a decrease in disciplinary incidents, while increased attendance has also been noted in some districts. What are the cons of a four-day week? Parents and other concerned individuals have stated the issues accordingly: With both parents working, who is going to watch the children?

This can also increases the cost of child care services for parents. Decreased attendance Lower test scores The problem with coming solidly down on either side of the argument is the lack of conclusive research. What does the research reveal?

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Research does not clarify the overall situation. Three studies in Colorado comparing four and five day weeks provide inconclusive data. Some students showed no improvement in academic performance, others showed a slight gain for four day while another found five day school weeks had an academic advantage.

Nor can it be said from the available statistics that the actual amount of savings due to reduced school days is the same across the board. They seem to vary. The final word The experiment into four-day school weeks is exactly that — an experiment.

Until more research of a longitudinal and nationwide nature is completed, it is not possible to say whether or not this is the system school boards should adopt permanently.In January , Volkswagen adopted a four-day workweek for employees based in Germany.

Although workers cut their hours by 20 percent, production actually increased slightly. Since , Federal Express has espoused a no-layoff philosophy. A 3-day weekend may sound worth a couple of extra hours at work each day, but personally, I can’t help feeling that restructuring the working schedule in this way has missed the point of the 4-day workweek.

The post Ansmission line interruptions in a telecommunications network occur at an average rate of one perday letx= the number of interruptions in the next five-day workweek. Sep 29,  · In fact, 44% of female doctors now work four or fewer days a week, up from 29% in But a four-day workweek isn’t beneficial to mothers alone — and it is beneficial.

Even in , when the U.S. economy was in a profound crisis and many people were unemployed, HP avoided layoffs by a four-day workweek, which was a unique measure in corporate America.

The two founders trusted in the individual’s own motivation to work .

Impact of the four day workweek essay

A four day school week is exactly what it sounds like — a system in which children attend school for four instead of five days per week. The specific day they may not attend varies. Some schools do not have classes on Friday while others prefer to give the students Monday off.

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