Literary vampirism destabilizes traditional gender roles english literature essay

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Literary vampirism destabilizes traditional gender roles english literature essay

Donne is constantly writing about women and gender roles, both explicitly and indirectly through analogy and metaphor. Donne has been termed many things: It both echoes and challenges the gender stereotypes of his day.

Literary vampirism destabilizes traditional gender roles english literature essay

Other poems delight in women for their emotional, intellectual, and spiritual vitality: Donne wooed a number of women in poetry, first as sexual partners and later as patrons, but he loved one woman, Anne Moreabidingly and overwhelmingly. By eloping with her, Donne may also have hoped to improve his social, professional, and economic situation.

Forbidding Mourning21— Yet even when Donne seems to be exploring his own thoughts as a poem unfolds, he is usually engaged in a dialogue with the person whom the poem addresses: Some of the elegies and lyrics are also epistolary, but most are dramatic, colloquial, conversational; they sound as if they were written to be recited or read aloud by Donne himself, and most likely they were.

But most seek to entertain, converse with, and yes, even seduce, a mistress: Your mistris, that you follow whores, still taxeth you: Donne satirizes the man for failing to confront the infidelity they both pretend to conceal.

The final epigrammatic twist further hints that she may herself be a floozy and a hypocrite. Klockius has sworn off whores only to discover — as we ourselves discover in the witty epigrammatic turn — that his own home is little better than a bawdy house.

Thy sinnes and haires may no man equall call, For, as thy sinnes increase, thy haires doe fall.


A Licentious Person The absurd mathematical ratio, combined with the wordplay on hair, heirs, and less exactly whores, exposes the miscalculations that give the licentious man venereal disease, threatening his life and heirs. Who is the licentious person, the man or the woman?

Who is being mocked, Klockius or his mistress? Is Donne affirming the conventional code of ethics, preaching chastity and marital fidelity? Is he endorsing antifeminist stereotypes that scorn women as shrewish, deceitful, and inconstant?

Perhaps, but I doubt it, for these men are no less contemptible than the women. The epigrams invite us to measure these sketchy characters against clandestine lovers whose daring and devotion triumph over the death they incur: As a group, the epigrams show Donne immersed in London life with its sexual temptations and sexually transmitted diseases, its vanity and self-deceptions, its antagonisms and greed; but they also showhim living in a world of books where timeless truths trump earthly failings.

Donne himself stands above it all, implying that his mistress is or will be a very different sort of woman, and that his love, when he chooses to express it, will be a very different sort of love, one that he is prepared to fight for against all odds.

Like the epigrams, the Satires also show Donne deeply immersed in city life, negotiating the allures of sex, money, and power.

Gender Roles In Dracula Essay – – Gender X

The poem never determines the one true Church, but on two key points about women it leaves no room for ambiguity or doubt. First, it asserts that finding the one true mistress is vitally and undeniably important.

Second, it declares that it is stupid and morally wrong to generalize about all women on the basis of particular women. Graccus makes the opposite decision, but he is also mocked for failing to make distinctions among women: By foolishly assuming all women are the same, Graccus shows himself to be both intellectually unsophisticated and morally undiscriminating.English Final Theory Terms and Scholars.

a culture that privileges men by promoting traditional gender roles. Sexist. and in his essay "The Poetics and Politics of Culture " ()he provides a list of concerns shared by New Historicists that agrees with and extends Greenblatt's commentary.

Like Greenblatt, Montrose insists that one. Female Role in Vampire Literature Many vampire literary works seem, at first glance, to utilize females as means to reinforce patriarchal principles and the role of a house angel, as the sole practical choice for women that strive to thrive in society.

Boo Radley’s character is labeled with many names: outcast, different, witch, and vampire. One of the main plots of the book is when the children are overwhelmed with the mystery exemplified by Boo Radley.


ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. It is in this state that she is first bitten by Count Dracula. As this sequence occurs more often, she is made into a vampire and openly expresses her suppressed sexual desires.

This defiles her purity and makes her a “voluptuous wantonness” (Stoker ). Lucy as a vampire represents all of her built up, yet restrained sexual urges and passions. What is a Literary Analysis Essay?

At one point or another, we have all faced this question. Regardless of what stage in one’s education that it pops up tackling a literary analysis essay entails the .