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Effective for safety and to the small size of the key, high security cylinder is protected from the outside with the defender to prevent the entry of burglary tools, keys are not enabled, etc. If properly mounted, one leaf Sentry, provides a noise reduction of 33 dB according to standard EN and an air permeability class A2 according to EN The values measured in a computer site can not reach similar values as a result of lower performance or imperfections of the civil engineering and assembly. Heart of the system and 'the lock cylinder, the system safety locks most' popular in Europe.

Porte blindate dierre catalogo

Design means science combined to aesthetics, an art within an industry. It is a fine line between technology and beauty. Here inspiration takes shape thanks to a team of bright and intuitive designers and architects. Invisible security, intact style.

La gamma Wall Security trova pieno completamento oggi con la nuova versione a doppio battente a spingere, con le versioni un battente a tirare e con le varianti Tagliafuoco EI2 Scopri il mondo Wall Security e le sue infinite personalizzazioni a pag.

Porte blindate dierre catalogo

Born from the intuitions of Dierre Style Centre, Wall Security is available with different locking systems, from the most traditional double bit and service cylinder to the high security cylinder, up to the fully electronic lock. Technology, linear security for the perfect harmony with the home door.

Una porta unica al mondo. Innovazione tecnologica declinata secondo le tendenze del design. Funzionale, semplice e sicura. Oltre alla soluzione card, Bi-Elettra Detector si attiva anche con il Door Pass dalla sagoma di un telecomando e utilizzabile come portachiavi.

Un sistema di alta tecnologia consente al Door Pass di inviare un segnale alla porta: Un concetto assimilabile al telepass autostradale.

In caso di lettura di chiavi non abilitate, Bi-Elettra Detector blocca ogni accesso agli utenti indesiderati. Unique in its kind. Technological innovation adapted following design trends. Secure, simple and functional.

An automatic and hi-tech electronic system governs Bi-Elettra Detector. No keys are required by this innovative security system and an active control of accesses in the house is though enabled thanks to a microchip that sends a signal to the door.

A unique code - chosen amongst millions of billions of possible combinations - features each microchip which cannot be cloned and allows Bi-Elettra Detector to detect each single access. Keycard, the electronic key being a card having an incorporated microchip, must simply be drawn close to the display to open Elettra.

Door Pass, shaped as a remote control and that can be used as a key holder, also activates Bi-Elettra Detector in addition to the card option.Dierre - Porte Blindate Complanari WallSecurity Porta blindata complanare o raso muro di Dierre.

Catalogo completo della linea Wall Security di Dierre con specifiche tecniche.

Porte blindate dierre catalogo

Behind each door there is a unique and unrepeatable story: a family, boys, kids who grow up, timeless emotions and small everyday details. These are the stories that inspire our job, always beyond the quality sill, always ready to innovate. Stai cercando Serrature? vetconnexx.com espone più di aziende raggruppate per Serrature in Italia.

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Scopri i prezzi delle Porte Blindate Classe 3 e Classe 4. Technology is Here to Stay Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus purus nisl, elementum vitae consequat at, tristique ut enim.

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