Portrail of mr hyde

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Portrail of mr hyde

November 26, Context, in the case of the first vision accounts, is the better clue, IMO. There is a lot of speculation regarding why JS made the various accounts that he did-from the context of our present day view of the first vision. Within the context of the other information coming out at the time of the account, it seems to be directly in line with his view about who God was.

This statement only makes sense from a post account and the modern official view taught by the church. Speculation on whether JS misunderstood what he saw when he documented the first vision in the earlier accounts should at the least result in a pause before such a definative statement could be made in good faith.

Likewise, the idea that JS was witholding information to suit the audience seems to contradict the claim in the account that he was as Paul who "had seen a vision, and he knew that God knew it, and he could not deny it" or something to that affect.

In the church history account he is portrayed as the honest, direct "this is what I saw and I can not deny it" 14 year-old prophet-prototype that our white hat history members see him as. I disagree with Juliann. The first vision should cause the most heartburn because there is an orthodox view held by the church, documented in scripture, yet it can not be reconciled effectively with other evidence including his own written account that predates the official version without projecting a modern view point onto it's understanding.

The contemporary evidence regarding LDS faith practise around the account, including the BoM, seems to show that LDS belief at the time was closer to the tradition christian view of the Godhead, and that this view of God evolved to something more.

The account is very traditional in it's portrail of God. Of everything that we have, this seems to be the only primary document, written in JS own hand, that is contemprary to the first vision itself. In historical terms, shouldn't this be the most reliable source for what he thought and what he claims to have had happen?

Shouldn't all other information be reviewed with an eye to understanding it in light of how it fits with that document, rather than the other way around? A few thoughts on your post: That is, there are no contradictions in the separate accounts.

Portrail of mr hyde

Each account can be interpreted as containing different information about the same experience. This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him! Will this orthodox Christian, with his classical theo-ontology presume it was God himself who introduced Jesus, or will he assume it was an angel speaking for God?

I think it is reasonable to think he would assume the later, or perhaps he would suspend judgment. It is universal for human beings to reinterpret their past experiences as their life changes.

The relationship between human subjectivity and external phenomenon is not simple. Any attempt to make this simple on either side is likely to oversimplify the situation. Neither would constitute a pure description of what happened. You imply that honesty and forthrightness would require one to tell every detail of this personal experience.

I think if an experience is private, however, one has the right to disclose the aspects one chooses to disclose without being labeled dishonest or deceptive. JS History says Joseph could not deny the fact that he had a vision not that he could not deny this or that detail of it.We need a marauders book.

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