Statics assignment 4

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Statics assignment 4

This equation does not contain the temperature and so has nothing to do with what became known as Charles' Law. Gay-Lussac gave credit for this equation to unpublished statements by his fellow Republican citizen J. In the absence of a firm record, the gas law relating volume to temperature cannot be named after Charles.

Dalton's measurements had much more scope regarding temperature than Gay-Lussac, not only measuring the volume at the fixed points of water, but also at two intermediate points.


Gay-Lussac was clear in his description that the law was not applicable at low temperatures: Gay-Lussac had no experience of liquid air first prepared inalthough he appears to have believed as did Dalton that the "permanent gases" such as air and hydrogen could be liquified.

Gay-Lussac had also worked with the vapours of volatile liquids in demonstrating Charles' law, and was aware that the law does not apply just above the boiling point of the liquid: I may however remark that when the temperature of the ether is only a little above its boiling point, its condensation is a little more rapid than that of atmospheric air.

Statics assignment 4

This fact is related to a phenomenon which is exhibited by a great many bodies when passing from the liquid to the solid state, but which is no longer sensible at temperatures a few degrees above that at which the transition occurs. However, the "absolute zero" on the Kelvin temperature scale was originally defined in terms of the second law of thermodynamicswhich Thomson himself described in The two can be shown to be equivalent by Ludwig Boltzmann's statistical view of entropy However, Charles also stated:Number 1 resource for PRINCIPLE 4: PEOPLE RESPOND TO INCENTIVES Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework & Economics Project Help & PRINCIPLE 4: PEOPLE RESPOND TO INCENTIVES Economics Assignments Help.

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