The spiritual dimension of hamlet essay

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The spiritual dimension of hamlet essay

How does the concept of courtly love develop over the course of the book? Focus your discussion on three tales.

The spiritual dimension of hamlet essay

According to this conception of love, romance is an ennobling force that can raise the male lover—usually a knight—to heights of bravery in the service of his lady.

The beloved, in turn, is the epitome of feminine perfection and often difficult, if not impossible, to attain as a romantic partner. Passion and devotion are emphasized throughout, and the spiritual dimension of love is valued above the physical.

The entire courtly love relationship is figured in a heavily stylized and idealized manner according to an established model. Chaucer draws on pastoral and divine imagery to present Emelye as the perfectly feminine love object, comparing her beauty to fresh May flowers and her singing to that of heavenly angels.

Palamon is a royal knight who feels as if he is pierced in the heart when he sees Emelye. The knight pining for the beautiful maiden fits the conventions of courtly love exactly; however, Chaucer refuses to make this a straightforward tale.

Rather than battle beasts or foreign enemies to win his lady, as we might expect, Palamon must instead fight his closest friend, Arcite. Rather, the tale shows how love can inspire jealousy, which can lead unexpectedly to violence and sorrow.

The spiritual dimension of hamlet essay

Here too are knights and fair maidens, but they are hardly the conventional archetypes. The knight in this tale is not a noble man, but a rogue: The first action we see him engage in is the rape of a young woman. These are not honorable players engaging in the stylized rituals of courtly love.

Indeed, love of the transcendent, elevating variety plays little role in this tale, as power is revealed to be the true object both men and women desire. The knight, who dominates a woman by raping her, ultimately finds that what women want most is to dominate their own mates.


Though they are personified as the kind of handsome man and lovely maiden who might engage in the rituals of courtly love, Chaucer quickly turns our attention to their animalistic lust. This image of the two fiercely and busily copulating directly counters a central tenet of courtly love, in which the spiritual element of romance is valued above the physical or erotic.

Chanticleer and Pertelote go on to spend most of the tale either copulating or arguing with one another. The domestic setting enhances the notion that this is an ordinary, everyday union. As the pilgrims tell their tales, Chaucer progressively proves that the tropes and conventions of courtly love are not useful tools for describing real relationships between complex people.- Hamlet – Spiritual or Non-spiritual.

The spiritual dimension or side of the Shakespearean drama Hamlet is nearly quite as interesting as the non-spiritual aspect. This essay will explore the spirituality in its various dimensions.

Until I read Lawrence’s Hamlet essay, I was a stranger to Lawrence, having read virtually nothing that he wrote. 2 His essay on Hamlet convinced me that Lawrence was a deep thinker, a novelist with a philosophical bent.

Lawrence argues that the Greeks and Romans had a strong ego, a firm sense of self, and their world-view was centered on.

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This essay will delve into the spiritual side of the play. In “Judgment in Hamlet” Gunnar Boklund discusses the spiritual dimension of the ghost of King Hamlet: It is a commonplace to refer to Hamlet’s “dilemma” and a critical problem to explain in what this dilemma consists.

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A+ Student Essay   Prev Section Next Section > A+ Student Essay Passion and devotion are emphasized throughout, and the spiritual dimension of love is valued above the physical. The entire courtly love relationship is figured in a heavily stylized and.

Ghosts and spirits proves to be a dominant symbol in the play of Shakespeare’s, Hamlet on numerous occasions and is especially manifested through the character of Hamlet Senior. It is said that the reason that ghosts stay on earth is that, they have unfinished business, and they are afraid to move on into the next dimension.

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