Thesis equal employment opportunity

Download this Thesis in word format. Non-whites, all of whom are assumed to be the victims of the aforementioned group because the white males were obviously all attempting to hinder the non-whites in various ways constitute the second group. Affirmative action was born during the Civil Rights Movement in an effort to reverse the effects of generations of racial discrimination the concepts and the laws which governed it broadened over the years to include women and other traditionally disadvantaged groups.

Thesis equal employment opportunity

Findings in this brief study demonstrate that Affirmative Action policies are outdated and are in a need of review due to the unforeseen and reverse discrimination perpetrated by these policies which were intended to mitigate and eradicate discriminatory practices.

Affirmative Action was very important and greatly needed at one time in history however, in today's highly globalized and integrated society characterized by diversity Affirmative Action has become instead of that which bring about equity, that which brings about inequity among individuals in the organization through making the specialized provision of heightened opportunity for individuals who are of a minority racial and ethnic background.

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But when race become the ultimatum in admissions decisions, everybody has a right and a need to question these policies. But since when has liberty and justice for all meant repentance for our ancestors' pasts? Supreme Court and was one involving the University of Michigan Law School who was tried for reverse discrimination relating to the school's admissions policies and specifically the school was accused of granting admissions upon the basis of a point system and had granted admissions to the school for promotion of diversity and interracial relations and interactions.

However, when the verdict was returned it effectively supported the factor of race as "a factor in admissions decisions. We need to reward hard work, discipline and achievement. We need to discontinue judging students because of their race rewarding some and punishing others.

Affirmative Action in today's world is no longer necessary at least that is, not in its' original form. Indeed this work intends to show just how outdated Affirmative Action has actually become and just how lacking in relevance to the workplace of contemporary organizations Affirmative Action really is.

Literature Review The U. Department of Justice - Office of Justice Programs, This is accomplished through four programs stated to be those as follows: Program objectives are to target occupations in the agency for affirmative action efforts; to monitor the hiring, advancement, and training of minority and female groups which are underrepresented in the targeted occupations; and to examine any barriers that may hinder recruitment, hiring, placement, and promotion of minorities and women; 2 Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program FEORP Plan.

Prepared annually and administered pursuant to Section of the Civil Service Reform Act CSRA ofand the Office of Personnel Management's Federal Personnel Manual, Chapterwhich sets forth the objectives and initiatives the agency will undertake through affirmative recruitment to eliminate any under representation of minorities and females in the workforce; 3 Affirmative Employment Program Plan for Hiring, Placement, and Advancement of Disabled Individuals.

Prepared annually in accordance with Section of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act ofas amended 29 U. Federal agencies must ensure that qualified disabled individuals have equal opportunity to be hired, placed, and advanced in Federal jobs. Affirmative employment must be an integral part of ongoing agency personnel management programs.

Agencies should employ persons with disabilities in a broad range of grade levels and occupational series, and agency policies should not unnecessarily exclude or limit persons with disabilities though job structure, design, architectural, transportation, communication, procedural, or attitudinal barriers; and 4 Affirmative Action Program Plan for the Recruitment and Hiring of Disabled Veterans.

Department of Justice - Office of Justice Programs, The work of Holmberg Affirmative Action as Outdated as Discrimination" states that universities in the United States are operating under policies that disguise as affirmative action but in reality result in an increase in abrasive racial encounters and heightening "racial tension…" p.

On Eastern New Mexico University's campus, a student was recently denied the opportunity to even apply for a job because of his race. Kevin Mulloy, a white student, attempted to apply for a job with African-American Affairs on campus, but says he was turned down before he ever received an application because he admitted to having no African-American heritage.

The job was actually posted on ENMU's Web site and stated, in no uncertain terms, that to qualify for the job applicants needed only to have work-study and be African-American. Challenges and New Directions " states that diversity management is "necessarily inclusive, and requires efforts across HRM responsibilities and in all aspects of organizational functioning.

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These equal employment opportunity laws make it illegal for employers to discriminate against an employee or potential employee in certain workplaces. The government agency that was designed to enforce these laws was the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).4/4(1).

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Thesis equal employment opportunity

were the number of complaints of harassment on every other basis protected under equal employment opportunity laws the Commission deals with today. We are deeply troubled by what we have seen during our tenure on the Commission. report includes analysis and recommendations for a range of stakeholders: EEOC, the employer community, .

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): The EEOC is a federal agency that was created to promote equal opportunity in employment. The EEOC uses administrative and judicial enforcement of the federal civil rights laws, education and technical assistance in .

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